The Collective Press began in 2009 as a group effort toward positive change. It's taken the form of a neighborhood print shop, a space for collaborations, a place to gather and share information and resources, a mobile effort toward continued education, and a way to be of service to the local community. It is a living, growing thing and yet the goal remains the same: To help people collectively move forward and to connect with one another in a tangible, lasting way. 



>>> ABOUT ME <<<

      Trained in graphic design and painting I spent several years doing gig posters, sign painting and murals. Being for-hire ran it's course and I wanted to explore making my own goods and find a way to share them affordably. I was gifted a screen printing press by a kind soul in 2008 and a neighborhood/community print shop was the obvious evolution. Several Bloomington-inspired T-shirts emerged while the equipment was shared with others. 

     Over the next couple years my love for letterpress (an older form of relief printing) expanded. I had learned a moderate amount at IU a decade before but I lacked the experience in a modern day letterpress shop. For the next 3 years I visited my former professor, 1040 miles away, on a regular basis to help keep his shop in order. I began acquiring equipment in 2011, opened my own retail shop and rooted myself in 2 different artist communities over the next several years. 

     Many life lessons and too many moves later, I am now happily out of the public eye and prefer my studio to be at my home. Instead of a retail shop, I love to sell my goods at craft fairs and host different functions where I can meet my customers personally. Hope to see you down the road.

-Kim Ransdell
PO Box 3494
Bloomington, IN