All Good Things in All Good Time

April 19, 2015

The Move  

      I am so excited to announce that I am moving my letterpress shop to the woods where I live. I can screen print on the property already, but my letterpress shop has been 8 miles away from home for almost 2 years. As one can imagine it gotten pretty cost-prohibitive, and I’d like to have the option to make several trips to my studio in one day if I’m compelled to.

      Right now it’s an unfinished shed (the size of a one-car garage) but in a couple months we are going to transform it into the perfect little letterpress shop. Currently we are framing out the building and adding windows. It's been great over the past few weeks learning about daylighting. I have planned out windows and skylights so that natural light will penetrate all the right places during the day. I've got them all locally, too.
      I will miss all the good times I had at the Fell Building but I know deep down my most creative times happen when I am by myself, and I have to honor that.
      As you can see this is a new site! I've discarded all my old posts and starting with a clean slate. Looking forward to sharing.  

Kimberly Ransdell
Kimberly Ransdell